18 Years Old

College Volleyball

21 Years Old

Division 1 Basketball
High School Basketball and Volleyball Coach

35 Years Old

Personal Training

40 Years Old

Extreme Challenges

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Next Level Strength

Story - 18 Years Old - College Volleyball
Story - 21 Years Old - Division 1 Baskteball, High school basketball and volleyball coach
Story - 35 years old - Boxing, personal training
Story - 40 years old - Extreme challenges
Story - 50 years old - Next level strength

About Me

I consider myself a retired athlete; a washed up adventurer; an adrenaline junkie whose passion for extreme sports has spanned the last decade. While I hold the stance that the ceiling of human performance is far from being understood, it is a hard thing to push people to their limits when so many are stuck dealing with perpetual recurring injuries that result from faulty movement patterns. Understanding those patterns and improving them sits at the core of my approach to training.


After 30 years of working out, competing in Division 1 basketball and boxing with professional fighters I noticed several things. Most people working out would quit after a month or two because they failed to see results. They failed to achieve what they wanted and the frustration of not seeing the results would discourage them from trying. Why was this? Most training I observed wasn’t focused on the specific muscle group or core muscles. I was taught to focus on core muscle groups early on and have kept that as my main stay in all of my workouts. Also, they didn’t have a starting point and they really didn’t track their results. I felt it would be like going to school and never seeing a report card. In my 30’s I discovered boxing and started working with supersets, and taking muscle groups all the way to exhaustion. With Fast Twitch Isokinetic training and core focus I saw fast results and big strength gains. Strength gains that have stayed with me into my 50’s.

40 years old
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From there I created “The System” structured around the following:

Biomechanical movement of the sport

Proper stretching pre and post workout

Functional strength and conditioning

Core and base focus

Neuro muscular power generation

Pliability movement and education

Performance Assessment to Identify Issues and Imbalances


Increased Vertical jump

Faster muscle response time

Core stability

Significant increase in strength and endurance

Decreased risk of injury

Learn proper technique on all exercises

Next Level mindset

Built around stability, muscle development, strength and endurance you will see results in lean muscle, speed, stamina and enhanced mental focus. “The System” uses tools such as free weights, plyometrics and speed drills to help you achieve maximal results. We are committed to being the best in class strength trainers. If you are looking for a gym where members respect the training environment and are dedicated to getting stronger then join Next Level Vertical.

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Next Level Vertical


To help youth reach their next level in athletic performance through dynamic functional movement training and teaching teens how to achieve a new level of mental focus and discipline.